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Couples in Crisis – Is it Possible to Heal a Marriage after an Affair? by ACAP Director of Curriculum Annette Vaccaro

Being in a relationship can be at once one of the most fulfilling and one of the most difficult experiences. Typical challenges experienced in a relationship can range from frustration over lack of cooperation, to the trauma of learning one’s partner has had an affair. According to researchers Kristina, Baucom, and Snyder (2004), 40% of […]

The Narcissistic Repetition Compulsion: Thoughts on a Greek Tragedy and it’s Cure by Dean of Research, Demetria De Lia.

I, myself, in the transports Of mystic verses, as in study Of history and science, have found nothing so strong as Compulsion, Nor any means to combat her.   Euripides Alcestis, lines 962-965.   One of the (many) things most interesting to me about Greek myths, often lacking in other literary genres, is the genealogy of […]