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If a son isn’t saying “mama” like other babies, if a father discovers his child hates being touched, if a mother has to stop walking with her child to the store for fear he’ll melt down in a tantrum on the floor every time, and if a teacher telephones to say their daughter won’t stop darting her tongue in and out, disrupting the class, then parents know something’s terribly wrong. And when someone says these are the signs of “autism”, they start to feel absolute terror.

For many years ACAP (The Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis) has dedicated its nonprofit work providing mental health resources to the most vulnerable members of our community. In keeping with this mission we are beginning a new endeavor, iStrive. This program will enable young adults on the autism spectrum to develop interpersonal and occupational skills that can lead to opportunities for a new stream of competent, reliable, and responsible employees for companies like yours. We are writing now to ask for your   istrive and the communitysupport as a sponsor, with all the visibility it entails, in this important venture that begins with the iStrive launch party at the Crystal Plaza, on May 1, 2018.

Let us tell you about the why this project is so needed. Over the past 35 years we’ve met many children on the autism spectrum, and we’ve gotten to know their parents, too. More than two and a half percent of all the children born in New Jersey are now being diagnosed with autism. Their mothers and fathers once expected their babies to grow up, go to college, have a job and eventually become independent adults. But they usually abandon these dreams, and replace them with the rare determination we’ve witnessed. It takes that and unflinching commitment to care for their child whose unexpected, consuming maturational needs make tackling everyday tasks a marathon challenge. We know that when offered the opportunity to participate as productive employees, and with the sustained back up of a program like iStrive, these individuals shine. They become among the most valued core staff with their eagerness to get a job done correctly, their contagious enthusiasm about the organization, and their loyalty.

Here’s the iStrive plan. On Saturday mornings at 9 AM, iStrive will begin as staff welcomes our young adults, to ACAP in Livingston N.J. At ACAP they will experience stress management and mindfulness activities, receive emotional literacy assistance, and yoga. They will spend time on incorporating both interpersonal and pragmatic practices of successful job-hunting, and the professionalism at work that will help them thrive. And importantly, they’ll have a chance to make friends with each other. As these young adults grow they have the same needs all of us have for interpersonal connections and friendships. iStrive will help them achieve this.

During each week iStrive parents will be invited to join us in their own space here at ACAP. They will get a much-needed opportunity to hear talks, attend seminars, and share what they’ve learned. iStrive works with families as a collaborative community to help us develop a meaningful, evolving program.

“Being a parent of someone with unique needs, I can tell you the best source of information is other parents, ” a mother told us. “I want to be surrounded by people who are realistic, but hopeful. ”

Our other essential partners in this exciting growth project are you, and all the community of corporations who will benefit in many ways, tangible and intangible, from an inclusive approach such as iStrive’s adding a new class of reliable, creative, productive workers to you workforce. And we will be with you. Our commitment includes working with you and your employees to help introduce and build awareness of this new advance, and to provide back up to insure all goes smoothly.

The May 1, 2018 party at the Crystal Plaza will be an exceptional opportunity for visibility within the community while enjoying the gracious hospitality and delicious hors d’oeuvres at the Crystal Plaza.

You’re invited to join our special guests, former New Jersey Governor Richard J. Codey, Bruce Litinger, Executive Director ECLC, and Pediatrician Dr. Bill Semel, along with the administration and staff of ACAP, and many of the parents of emerging young adults who inspired our plan. We’ll gather to celebrate this 21st Century idea…creating opportunities for people who were once sidelined…while enjoying each other at the lovely Crystal Plaza.

Can we count on you to be a corporate donor for this special program? As one, you will, of course, get great visibility at the event, both live and in our publication, as well as in the newsistrive and corporations media. Leadership donors will receive special presence on our website, too.

Several corporate leaders, such as yourself, have told us of their ability to sponsor iStrive independent of the event, or foundation grants. Simple seed money to support this much-needed program is available to them. We consider these Leadership Gifts from community trailblazers and philanthropists. They can range from a few thousand dollars to truly substantial gifts supporting the ongoing sustainability of the program. To monetize the idea, consider that it takes a minimum of $5,000/year to support one young adult at iStrive. How many would you be willing to sponsor? Please consider how much value your donation brings to our emerging young adults and their families, and to you in the community as sponsors of this important cause.

At ACAP we’re planning to make a lot of good news in 2018 for the young adults who will teach us more about what we need to do to include their valuable contributions in the workplace and the social community, for their parents, and for each of you who’ll support and contribute to iStrive. It all starts on May 1, at the Crystal Plaza.

With great appreciation for what we know will be a powerful community collaboration. Click here for more information about becoming an iStrive sponsor.

Please Join Us for our

iStrive Fundraiser Launch Event

… Celebrating Dr. William Semel’s 50 years of serving children and families in our communities.

… Honorary co-chairs — Governor Richard J. Codey and Bruce Litinger, Executive Director ECLC.

We would be most pleased to share the evening with you.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

6:00-9:00 pm

Crystal Plaza

305 W Northfield Rd

Livingston, NJ 07039

Reception and Light Supper,
(Glatt Kosher)

Silent Auction

Program introducing iStrive to the community

RSVP by April 15.

Individual tickets – $150.00

Sponsorship Opportunities: We hope you will consider iStrive sponsorship opportunities in your generous giving budget. As a helpful guideline about program expenses, it costs about $5,000 per year to support one young adult in the program.

Platinum Level
$10,000 – Table, event recognition, full-page journal ad – priority seating

Gold Level
$5000   – 8 tickets, event recognition and full-page journal ad

Silver Level
$2500   –  4 tickets, event recognition and half-page journal ad

Bronze Level
$1000 – 2 tickets, event recognition and half-page journal ad

For those who cannot attend the May 1 party, but want to help support the program and our young adults, their families, and the many community partners who will benefit from it. Please feel free to indicate amount on the response card or contact us. Every donation will be gratefully received and put to good use for ACAP iStrive.

Dr. William Semel says:

“In medical school, they rarely mentioned autism. In my pediatric practice, I began seeing children with autism and, sadly, there wasn’t a lot of help I could offer. Nobody could. It was left up to the parents to figure how to support their children. Some enrolled in mainstream schools, others in special schools. When they outgrew school and became young adults, what then?

If all the parents and patients with special needs I’ve known over the years could have had a program each weekend like iStrive, offering advice, structured activities and friendship, they’d have gobbled it up. Please join me in extending best wishes and support to ACAP’s iStrive program.”