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Teaching, Training, Treating — Psychoanalysis Training & Degree Programs in NJ 

The Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis in NJ New Jersey has graduate courses in mental health.

Our Masters in Counseling program helps build new skills.

ACAP serves as a community resource by offering, courses, graduate degrees, clinical programs and experiences, and Continuing Education (CE) opportunities to help build skills for those working with individuals and groups in the areas of interpersonal relationships, crisis resolution, education and mental health issues, and parenting. Read our mission and vision statement.

ACAP pioneered an expansion of studies of the mind and interpersonal relationships over the past three decades, developing new perspectives on how mind/brain/body interactions influence behavior. We have a 20+ year record of developing effective intervention strategy programs for improving teamwork and communication skills in clinical, academic and organizational settings.

ACAP and its partner BGSP-NJ, a branch of the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis (BGSP), are educational and mental health resources, empowering individuals and organizations with practical, successful life strategies.

ACAP’s partnership with the BGSP enables us to provide these same benefits to a new generation of graduate students seeking advanced training and Masters degrees in Mental Health Counseling, and in Psychoanalysis. Whether a graduate of a degree program or our psychoanalytic certificate program, students are eligible to seek state recognition through licensing and/or certification of their academic achievements.