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How the right song can help you manage anxiety

By Andrew Littlefield Sep 2, 2018 Maya Benattar is a licensed psychotherapist in New York City. Her office looks like the typical therapist’s office — calm and quiet, comfortable seating, soothing lighting. The perfect place to work through difficult feelings of anxiety and depression. But a few items might catch your eye: a piano, drums, a guitar, […]

My Life As a Psychopath

science of us Aug. 10, 2018 By Katie Heaney The word “psychopath,” like many words associated with mental and personality disorders, is used broadly, and often incorrectly — colloquially, we might call someone who lies a lot a psychopath, just as we might call someone who texts us more frequently than we want “crazy.” The word […]

GPSA760/761 Clinical Research Tutorial – 3 credits

Students in the Certificate program work individually with a research chairperson after development of a proposal approved by the training committee. The chairperson assists the student in completion of the proposal for the project through completion, approval and final presentation of the project. (CERT only) DAY/TIME TBA |  GPSA 760/761 Clinical Research Tutorial – Day/time […]

GPSA758 Continuing Case Seminar: Resistance & Defense – 3 credits

Students must have permission from the training committee to be enrolled in Continuing Case. Through continuing case presentations of three cases, students will apply theory to practice. With the agreement of the training committee, this course can be selected as fulfilling the requirement for the clinical case course after four semesters of successful completion of […]

GPSA 752 Clinical Case: Resistance, Transference and Countertransference Issues – 3 Credits

Through readings and clinical case presentations, the students in this advanced clinical course will learn how to analyze the unique and diverse ways in which resistance, transference and countertransference responses are expressed during treatment. Transference and countertransference will be analyzed in both its historical and present contexts including the unconscious forces motivating the responses, the […]

GPSA703B-E Small Group Studies (SGS)

This supervised group study course is taken concurrently with Fieldwork Seminar (GPSA 703). The students study individual cases at their Fieldwork Site in depth, presenting and reading about the dynamics of each case as well as their personal reactions in the therapy. The students process the challenges in working with and learning about serious psychopathology […]

GPSA 703 Fieldwork Seminar – Issues of Bias in the Treatment of Mental Illness & SGS – 4 credits

In this course, students will study their countertransference responses, listen to, and become aware of dynamics and how each individual speaks in therapy to present these dynamics through symbolic communication. This clinical course has a focus on how perceptions shape our views of various society groups. Aspects of bias that influence practice experiences are examined […]

GPSA 586 Career Counseling – 3 credits

This course is designed to provide and understanding of career development and the interrelationship between careers and personality; lifespan development; family; lifestyle choice; use of defense mechanisms and diversity. A broad understanding of career development theories, occupational and educational information sources, assessment tools, and measures, decision-making models and online resources will be reviewed. Students’ assignments […]

GPSA 559-562 Directed Research – 0.5 to 3 credits

The master’s degree student chooses to work with a research chair on the research paper, which is usually a single case from the fieldwork experience. The student enrolls in a directed research with a thesis advisor and works individually with that faculty member until the project is completed. A second reader approves the paper as […]