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GPSA 554 Masters Research Seminar – 3 credits

This intensive course guides students in their design and completion of the Master’s paper within the guidelines of ethical research practices. The paper is usually based on the fieldwork experience. Group work and close guidance of the instructor facilitates the thesis writing process. The course pays special attention to the formation of research question, research […]

GPSA 552 Introduction to Research in Human Sciences: Quantitative and Qualitative Studies – 3 credits

This course examines the bases of scientific inquiry. It provides a theoretical and practical knowledge of research and methodology, including principles of concept formation and research design. Special emphasis is given to ethical research practices. After a general review of research in the human sciences, students will concentrate on aspects of qualitative research. Students review […]

GPSA 526 Resistance and Defense – 3 credits

Psychic defenses are essential tools available to us for dealing with psychic pain. This course will study the use of defenses, from projection and splitting to repression and sublimation, in relation to emotional, psychosexual, and cognitive development in relation to cases. This course will consider mental illness a maladaptive psychic defense process, and psychoanalytic cure […]

GPSA 511 The Counseling Profession – 3 credits

This course provides a broad understanding of the psychoanalytic counseling profession as defined by the history, professional standards, scope of practice and application of ethics to theory and practice. The professions of counseling and psychoanalysis are defined and compared through their historical roots with exploration of overlapping practice methods. The importance of personal and professional […]

GPSA 507 Human Development: Thru the Lifespan from Birth to Death – 3 credits

This course focuses on the vicissitudes of human development through the life span and within intrapsychic, biological, family, environmental and cultural context. How the individual approaches developmental tasks or copes with challenges of inner and outer reality, from conception through old age, is reflected in his/her sense of self and is manifested in behavior and […]

GPSA 161 Psychoanalytic Theory II: Fundamentals of Freud – 3 credits

This course follows Freud’s conception of libido theory from its inception through later developments. It then examines Freud’s later papers on drive theory and the repetition compulsion; the division of the psyche into ego, id and superego; the sources of anxiety; the effects of innate destructiveness on the prospects for civilization; and Freud’s final summary […]

GPSA 104 Multicultural Issues in Mental Health Work – 3 credits

Multicultural Issues in Mental Health Work is a course designed to introduce students to theoretical models of diversity and identity development. Students will examine theories of Race, Ethnicity, Class, Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Ability, as a means of understanding the development and utility of one’s own belief system, as well as the beliefs, values […]

The Art of Not Trying Too Hard

Steven Shapiro • 5/4/2018 Q: I’m sometimes unable to form an alliance with “difficult” clients, and therapy fizzles out before it’s gotten started. How can I reach these hard sells? A: As you’ve undoubtedly discovered, when we genuinely connect with clients, therapy usually goes smoothly and effectively, and the work is rewarding. We tend to […]