GPSA760 Clinical Research Tutorial

Dates/Times TBA
Students in the Certificate program work individually with a research supervisor who assists them in completion of the proposal for the final project, culminating with a formal presentation. (CERT)

GPSA701B-F Small Group Studies (SGS)

Dates/Times TBA
This supervised group study course is taken throughout the summer for students who are engaged in fieldwork or clinical case. The students study individual cases at their Fieldwork Site in depth, presenting and reading about the dynamics of each case as well as their personal reactions to the client. The students process the challenges in working with and learning about serious psychopathology in a treatment relationship. The goal of the course is to help students identify the defenses of narcissistic clients and the countertransference reactions of the treating therapist. Students will present cases with process notes as a way to study the dynamics of the cases. Each week three students meet with the faculty and present their cases, studying the most therapeutic approach to each case.

GPSA704 Fieldwork Seminar – Continuing Fieldwork Seminar and Small Group Studies /Semel

Thursday 4:50 – 7:20pm

The Fieldwork experiences provides an opportunity to apply theory and practice counseling and psychoanalytic techniques through practicing in a clinical setting under supervision. GPSA 704 is taken when the student has not completed the required number of total fieldwork hours, fieldwork paper or presentation by the completion of course GSPA703. The student remains enrolled in GSPA 704 until the fieldwork study, paper and presentation are completed. As the student moves through the fieldwork sequence, the student has increasing ability for independence and develops professional identity. The student learns advanced techniques to enable individuals to tolerate more comfortably the stimulation of importance and professional, ethical and cultural issues will be examined throughout the course. Students psychoeducational group in addition to individual work with clients.
This course includes two days’ attendance at the summer conference 6/1 & 6/2 –

GPSA806 The Psychodynamics of the Body/Vaccaro

Wednesday 6:45 – 9:15pm Main Classroom
This course will examine the unconscious as expressed in the body. The body becomes a symbolic expression of the dynamics of the mind and can be the seat of emotional communication in the consulting room. What is not in words may become enacted in the body, its functions and its movement. The earliest form of representative activity based on somatic excitability. Theory, case study and technique will be examined in the context of the psychodynamics of the body. This course includes two days’ attendance at the summer conference 6/1 & 6/2 –

GPSA536 Comparative Psychotherapies II – Theories of Counseling & Psychoanalysis/Silver

Tuesday 4:50 – 7:20pm Main Classroom
This course surveys major theoretical schools of counseling and psychoanalysis and how to apply their underlying premises in practice. Students will learn about the contributions of these fields to form a broad understanding of clinical techniques from forming the therapeutic relationship, developing a case conceptualization to interviewing and developing a range of intervention strategies with a range of cases. Special emphasis is place on how each perspective informs how interventions are developed and implemented according to the treatment progression.) This course includes two days’ attendance at the summer conference 6/1 & 6/2 –