GPSA699 Advanced Cases in Modern Psychoanalysis II-3cr | THURSDAY | 9:30-11:50am | Semel (Main) | (All Programs)

GPSA699 Advanced Cases in Modern Psychoanalysis II-3cr |THURSDAY | 9:30-11:50am | Semel (Main) | (All Programs)

Through continuing case presentation students will apply theory to practice. This course is open to all students and may serve as an elective for most programs. After reviewing the initial stages of treatment with the narcissistic individual and the techniques developed for resolving treatment destructive resistances and developing the narcissistic transference, we will examine the later stages of therapy. What techniques are useful in resolving resistances to the status quo and resistances to progress? Through continuing case presentations students will each select one case to study during the semester. (All Programs)

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