GPSA704 Fieldwork Seminar – Continuing Fieldwork Seminar and Small Group Studies /Semel

Thursday 4:50 – 7:20pm

The Fieldwork experiences provides an opportunity to apply theory and practice counseling and psychoanalytic techniques through practicing in a clinical setting under supervision. GPSA 704 is taken when the student has not completed the required number of total fieldwork hours, fieldwork paper or presentation by the completion of course GSPA703. The student remains enrolled in GSPA 704 until the fieldwork study, paper and presentation are completed. As the student moves through the fieldwork sequence, the student has increasing ability for independence and develops professional identity. The student learns advanced techniques to enable individuals to tolerate more comfortably the stimulation of importance and professional, ethical and cultural issues will be examined throughout the course. Students psychoeducational group in addition to individual work with clients.
This course includes two days’ attendance at the summer conference 6/1 & 6/2 –

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