GPSA522 Comparative Psychotherapies: Modern Concepts & Techniques in Counseling & Psychoanalysis–3cr | THURSDAY | 4:50-7:10pm | DeLia (Library)

GPSA522 Comparative Psychotherapies: Modern Concepts & Techniques in Counseling & Psychoanalysis–3cr | THURSDAY | 4:50-7:10pm | DeLia (Library)

In this course, students will learn the basic intervention strategies applied in counseling and psychoanalysis. We will study how these fields have expanded, in technique and theory, to include more severe emotional disorders. It will be an introduction to theory and interventions; students will learn how to apply these concepts in class via experiential learning. (All Programs)

GPSA503 Human Development | TUESDAY | 7:10-9:30pm | (All Programs)

GPSA503 Human Development | TUESDAY | 7:10-9:30pm | Silver (Main)

Adolescence to Adulthood–3cr The development of the psychic structure during puberty to adulthood will be examined, concentrating on the expression of the basic drives as the individual emerges and separates from the dependencies of childhood and eventually leaves home to start life on his or her own. Freud’s hallmark of maturity, “the ability to work and love,” will be used to study the conflicts and resistances of theses crucial stages. Students examine these processes through readings, case presentations, and personal experience. (All Programs)

GPSA101 Clinical Assessment & Appraisal | GPSA101 Clinical Assessment & Appraisal–3cr | (MAMHC)

GPSA101 Clinical Assessment & Appraisal–3cr | TUESDAY | 4:50-7:10pm | Hess (Main)

This course provides an overview of the appraisal process including observation, interviewing, measures, resources and tools to formulate a clinical understanding of clients within a broad range of settings and within a survey of populations. Behavior, observations, etiology, symptomology, assessment, countertransference, and treatment will be examined in working with clients representing the lifespan. The course examines issues of reliability, diversity, limitations and ethical practice in relation to the validity of the assessments. Students explore the relationship between assessment, findings, diagnosis, intervention and treatmentplanning. (MAMHC)