Moe Freedman

Teaching Vets to Treat Vets by Moe Freedman, ACAP Trustee

Morris Freedman, PhD, is a Past-President and current Member of ACAP’s Board of Trustees. He serves on the Fundraising Committee and has worked tirelessly to secure access to ACAP’s academic and training programs for military veterans.

Dr. Freedman speaks: By the time I returned from Okinawa in 1953, an armistice was in place ending the Korean War. I was happy to return to civilian life.  The joy of being home was diminished, however, by a feeling of disorientation and discomfort.  It took some time to feel more balanced among friends and family.  Those feelings were evident despite the fact that I had not actually been in active combat and I was probably experiencing normal reactions to a return to the routines of civilian life.  Consider how this disorientation would be compounded for combat veterans who witnessed horrific casualties and destruction.  Understandably, so many GI’s return tormented by their experiences and unable to adjust to family life and work. I am in retirement now, and a volunteer at a mental health resource center. I have discovered the efficacy of psychoanalytic treatment from case histories that have been discussed, and I have learned how people are prepared for careers in mental health.  I want veterans to know, not only how they can receive professional treatment, but to also consider becoming trained in treating other vets.

 Veterans who qualify for the benefits of the Post-9/11 GI Bill and who have a bachelor’s degree are eligible to enroll in a graduate degree program in psychoanalysis.  The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis–NJ (BGSP-NJ) offers a Masters in Psychoanalysis and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling.  One-year programs of study are also offered for those who want to explore careers in mental health.  All course fees are covered by the Veterans Administration.  BGSP-NJ recognizes that combat veterans seeking treatment are more likely to relate to a professional who has also experienced war-time service.  BGSP-NJ teaches vets to treat vets.  Veterans who would like to find out more about careers in mental health are welcome to enroll in individual courses.  Through our North Jersey Consultation Center (NJCC), a veteran or their family members may receive individual counseling while enrolled as a student or as a non-student.  Family members of veterans, who are eligible under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, are invited to enroll in our master’s degree programs as well.  Courses are offered weekday evenings to accommodate our students who work full-time.  Our staff of professional psychoanalysts has had extensive training and experience in preparing students as psychoanalysts and in treating mental health concerns.  Veterans who live too far away to attend classes in Livingston, New Jersey, may participate in our distance learning program using online video conferencing technology.  BGSP-NJ would be pleased to design coursework schedules around your personal needs. In this regard we can arrange a meeting to discuss how you may best help you reach your goals.

 BGSP is nationally recognized as one of the foremost psychoanalytic training institutions and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.   BGSP-NJ is a non-profit school and treatment center at 301 South Livingston Avenue, Livingston, New Jersey, 07039.

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